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We act as your superlative advisory board placement firm, utilising our international network we pool talent to meet the needs of your business; providing the time, access, network and skillsets to create a purpose-built advisory or non executive board.

We conduct extensive board search, assessment and vetting. By targeting, approaching and placing the most proficient and relevant non executives with our clients. They provide industry and/or functional expertise whilst helping our clients with impartiality, structure, governance, growth and market insight.

The Advisory Board concept is now being correctly adopted by ecap clients focused on emerging and frontier markets who see the benefits of retaining senior leaders and industry figureheads who can help steward safe and sustainable growth. 

By utilising board assessment tools, we can assess board dynamics and provide practical feedback on the engagement of your board and whether there is an alignment of values, ultimately measuring your board effectiveness. 

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We have an extensive track record in providing emerging and established institutions with access to board advisors, non executives and board effectiveness assessment tools.
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Board Advisory Services

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Utilising our network of board advisors we created a strategic board to support a fast growing international digital transformation company. 

The advisors currently oversee technology platforms for businesses with a combined value of USD $380 billion.

Nationalities with over 170 years of industry and technical experience.

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