Board Advisory

With a track record across emerging markets, we deliver:

  • Board Advisory:
    Cost-effective, strategic partnerships to support businesses entering the Middle East, Entering new markets in the GCC or needing strategic or operational support. We connect businesses with the right audience.
  • Non-Executive Board Formation:
    Targeting, vetting and allocating the most proficient and relevant non-executives, providing industry and functional expertise or business support to help create impartiality, structure, governance and insight to your business.
  • Board Assessment:
    Market-leading software used to fully assess boards, pinpoint issues and provide practical feedback on dynamics, engagement and alignment of values.

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In December 2019 in a now infamous place called Wuhan, the relatively unknown capital of the Hubei province, the world was about to…

Nodes Journey with ecap

Utilising our network of board advisors we created a strategic board to support a fast growing international digital transformation company.

The advisors currently oversee technology platforms for businesses with a combined value of USD $380 billion.

Nationalities with over 170 years of industry and technical experience.

The learning journey obtained from populating the advisory boards
enables us to stay relevant and ahead of the competitor landscape
on new product innovation, future digital technology trends, ecosystem development and where world class mobile talent resides.

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