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How having a Growth Mindset helped the UAE to accomplish the UAE Hope Probe Mission to Mars.
The UAE created history last week when it became the first Arab country and the fifth in the world to put a probe on Mars....
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Job Descriptions: having an impact
As many businesses step into 2021, there is a mixed sense of excitement, hope, uncertainty, and general aversion towards a repeat of 2020. Cheers to t...
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ecap Partner with Matthew Syed Consulting
ecap are proud to become the exclusive accredited partner for Mathew Syed Consulting for its Mindset Advantage Assessment for the Middle East....
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What has the Hudson River landing got to do with Coronavirus?
At 3.25 p.m. on 15 January 2009, US Airways Flight 1549 took off from runway 4 of New York’s LaGuardia Airport. Two minutes and eleven seconds later...
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Supercharge your Leadership Team with Cognitive Diversity
Having the right leadership team in place is critical to the performance of your business. Your leadership team will help you decide on the right stra...
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Repurposing: Navigating the new normal
As a business, one has services, infrastructure, products, equipment, and expertise. The question is, when unprecedented events occur, how easy is it ...
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Let your actions be a louder noise…
The rise of social media has created platforms for people to preach, promote and ‘sell’ what they do and how by and large they would theoretically...
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What Is An Influencer?
Beware of the ‘Influencer’, they might end up influencing you. "The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster tha...
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Self Awareness
The All Blacks have long had a saying: ‘leave the jersey in a better place’. Their task is to represent all those who have come before them. An Al...
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Tiger Woods
In April 2017 Tiger Woods was the 780th ranked golfer in the World, 2 years later he was number 6 after performing one of the greatest sporting comeba...
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