Rudyard Kipling Career Advice
We receive numerous requests for Career Advice, in good times and bad. Rudyard Kipling managed to summarise the challenges better than we could ever d...
COVID-19: Impact Lessons
In December 2019 in a now infamous place called Wuhan, the relatively unknown capital of the Hubei province, the world was about to receive a harsh ca...
Repurposing: Navigating the new normal
As a business, one has services, infrastructure, products, equipment, and expertise. The question is, when unprecedented events occur, how easy is it ...
Let your actions be a louder noise…
The rise of social media has created platforms for people to preach, promote and ‘sell’ what they do and how by and large they would theoretically...
What Is An Influencer?
Beware of the ‘Influencer’, they might end up influencing you. "The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster tha...
Self Awareness
The All Blacks have long had a saying: ‘leave the jersey in a better place’. Their task is to represent all those who have come before them. An Al...
Tiger Woods
In April 2017 Tiger Woods was the 780th ranked golfer in the World, 2 years later he was number 6 after performing one of the greatest sporting comeba...
Supply Chain Bully
Beware of supply chain bullying, it is the first step into the financial abyss. It is no surprise that developed countries enjoying economic growth a...

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