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The Discovery Process®


The CCR3 Discovery Process® is unique and is designed to give an in-depth perspective on any person from three separate but intrinsically linked areas. Its purpose is aligned to performance improvement through personal & professional development.

1 - Emotional Intelligence

We look at how a person thinks and makes decisions, and measure these findings against business related competencies such as Leadership, Gaining Commitment and Communication. It identifies their natural talent and levels of Self Awareness, and helps maximise their strengths whilst aligning them to the role they currently fulfil. It can identify potential blockers to performance and highlight the correct approach to remove them.

2 - Value Structure

The second area we evaluate are the Values of each team member. Values are what drive a person and by understanding what a persons principle drivers are, both they and their peers are able to create the correct levels of engagement to get the job done to high performance levels. By understanding these Motivators, you attain accountability.

3 - Behaviours

Finally, we look at the behavioural perspective which is produced by the first two measurements, to understand a person’s Natural and Adapted behavioural styles. When we know this, we can measure work related stress levels that are current and likely to impact performance.

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The Discovery Process ®

We provide clients with validated performance and leadership assessment data.
We measure Emotional Intelligence and map this against your Values and Behaviours.






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