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ecap is the only accredited partner of Matthew Syed Consulting for Mindset Advantage across the Middle East.

Research by Professor Carol Dweck indicates a clear correlation between growth mindset and high performance.

Using Mindset Advantage, we work with clients to improve business performance by measuring organisational growth mindset and identifying barriers to growth and continuous improvement.

Mindset Advantage is the only psychometric tool available today that is designed specifically to measure and build a growth mindset at an individual, team and organisational level. People’s mindsets manifest as a set of beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that greatly influence the performance of individuals and the organisations they are part of.

Psychometric Test Questions and Mindset Advantage have been developed to provide insight to individuals and organisations by measuring their beliefs, attitudes and behaviours associated with a growth mindset.

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What our clients say about us

Senior Parter

Global Law Firm

“The data from Mindset Advantage has been invaluable, it distinguishes it from other self-assessment tools by providing practical examples and specific ideas for really addressing some of the bias and tendencies within our personality set.” 

What our clients say about us

Vice President

Professional Services Organisation

“In less than 100 days after deploying Mindset Advantage, we have radically changed a key customer-facing process, increasing efficiency by 30% and delivering better client outcomes.”

The Process...


  • A mindset assessment of the 9 core behavioural traits that underpin a growth mindset.
  • Personal mindset reports identify strengths and areas for development as well as tailored, recommended actions to develop growth mindset.
  • Team and organisation reports highlight team and organisational trends and identify key areas to address in order to drive higher performance.
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Psychometric Tool


Mindset Assessment


Growth Mindset Assessment
Personal Mindset Report

Personal Mindset Report

Our core self-development report that scientifically measures growth mindset.

Identifies your personal mindset strengths. Provides practical development actions to unlock your potential.

Suitable for individuals only, in a personal or professional capacity – excludes team and organisational data…

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Team Mindset Report

Team Mindset Report

Builds on Personal Mindset Report – with additional insights on your wider team.

Provides in-depth & actionable data on team strengths & potential barriers to success.

Ability to compare teams across the organization For teams of 7+people

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Measure Organisational Culture

Organisational Culture Report


Measure organisational culture against performance benchmarks.

Identifies how to foster an environment for individuals to maximize potential.

Compare and contrast organizational mindset data between regions

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How does it work?

Mindset Advantage, a psychometric tool, evaluates individuals and teams against core traits and company culture characteristics, which are underpinned by scientific research. The diagnostic is quick, scalable with cost-effective online deployment. After answering a series of psychometric test questions, which take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete, we provide report-based results that enable performance improvements at all levels.

The Mindset Advantage reports can analyse and compare data between individuals, small teams, regional cohorts and entire companies. It offers a clear and unique view of individual, team and organisational strengths with key areas to improve. This enables rapid progress through tailored action plans to drive stronger staff engagement, collaboration and performance.

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