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Job Descriptions: having an impact

As many businesses step into 2021, there is a mixed sense of excitement, hope, uncertainty, and general aversion towards a repeat of 2020. Cheers to the year of the vaccine! 

Regardless of what the new year brings us, companies across the globe – big or small will need to successfully navigate 2021 and build / embed a springboard for further growth and sustained momentum. Looping this over to ‘people’ needs, let us, at the outset, recap that companies face priorities such as actualizing digital transformation, hiring and retaining top talent, improving business agility and developing next gen leaders.

Combing through interviews of CEO’s leading Fortune 500 companies, a resounding response to enabling all of the above is through people, through talent, through effective teams and impactful hiring.
Let us next consider the other half of this equation - the professional. Talent at any level is keen on delivering meaningful work and having an impact on the organization they serve. Gratification at all levels comes yes from compensation, yes from benefits and from stature but above all, comes from growth, from contribution and from making a difference.

So, what can be the first step towards tying the two together? 

Job descriptions that make a difference, that have an impact.

Companies, leaders, advisory board members really need to think about the values, abilities and skills that will make a good fit for each job. Ideally, it should be a one pager that clearly outlines the role’s mission, outcomes, and competencies – a document that truly and transparently links people and strategy.

Consider the following sample of a VP of Sales job description;

VP Sales

Mission : To double our revenue over three years by signing large profitable contracts with Industrial consumers. And to structure and set up a strong team trained to win new accounts as well as grow existing accounts.


  1. Grow revenue from $30 Million to $55 Million by end of year three (25% annual growth).
    1. Increase number of regional industrial accounts.
    2. Generate an additional 20% from existing customers through value added services and offerings.


  1. Increase EBITDA margin from 9% to 15% by end of year three.
    1. Increase margin on add-on sales from 15% to 33% on all customer orders by end of year one.


  1. Build a strong sales organization by end of year one.
    1. Hire an A player Regional Director of Sales by end of year one.
    2. Hire an A player Country Sales Manager by end of year one.
    3. Let go of any sales representatives that have not met their target for two years running.


  1. Deliver monthly sales forecasts that are 90% accurate.


  1. Design and roll out sales training to all client-facing employees by year two.


Competencies: The ideal candidate will be;

  • Persuasive with strong communication skills.
  • Aggressive and persistent.
  • Holds people accountable.
  • Follows through on commitments.

Does this not have an impact upon you dear reader? Imagine the impact it will have upon your enterprise! A job description like this will not only attract and motivate the right candidates but will also allow your hires to benchmark their own progress and performance. 

Author: Renee Tauro - Head of Client Engagement at

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